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The Return of the Ricky Gervais

Golden Globes are coming back and this year’s host is Ricky Gervais. I am personally a big fan of the comedian and I consider him to be a great actor and a host. He did very well while hosting the Golden Globes previously and even though some of his lines where quite outrageous, that what made the show special for me the last time.

Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but these days people get offended way too much. Someone like Ricky Gervais doesn’t ever hold back and to be honest, it seems to be healthy and refreshing to watch such a host.
Golden Globes will be hosted on 10th January, 2016.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu criticized

When does trying hard become too much? In this day and age, when we can portray Matt Damon stuck on Mars, a battle between good and evil in the galaxy far far away, and people visiting a zoo of Dinosaurs, do movie directors really need to risk the heath and lives of the actors? Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu, the director of the Reverent would certainly say yes. The director was recently critiqued that in his latest movie, based during a winter in 1820’s America, he put the actors through grueling working conditions in order to realize his vision.

Is it really necessary in this day and age? What do you think?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a record-breaker

While online streaming services get more ground over cable each year, the cinema industry keeps growing. Possibly, it’s mainly due to two highly anticipated movies with fans all over the world. First, The Jurassic World, a second part of the 1993 record-braking film. And you probably can guess the second one. Of course it’s the Star Wars. Both have earned $600 million in the Box Office withing 13 and 12 days consecutively.

Other big movies of the year 2015 include Avenger: The Age of Ultron. Furious 7 and Minions. Together they have already broke the $11 billion mark in the box office exceeding the record set in 2013 when the Box Office grossed over $10.9 billion. As it now stands, Star Wars will also beat The Avatar as the All-time biggest grossing movie.

Best Scripts to Watch For in 2016

As the New Year is upon us, we say goodbye to the amazing year that has been 2015 and look at the most anticipated movies of 2016. Possibly, it won’t be such a record-braking year but there are some amazing movies to look forward to.

Here’s just a few – Deadpool, Kung Fu Panda 3, Finding Dory, Batman v Superman, Independence Day: Resurgence, Ice Age: Collision Course, The Secret Life of Pets, Suicide Squad.

As far as the best script go, it’s really hard to tell. I love fantasy so I look forward to seeing what will they do with the Warcraft movie and the X-Men: Apocalypse. Although, I have to say these sort of movies disappoint more frequently than exceed expectations. Silence featuring Adam Driver and Liam Neeson may be my favorite to watch for the story but we’ll see.

The Beatles Go Online

We get often asked why there is so little music news on here. Well, to be honest there is very little news worthy news out there. But not today. It has been announced that The Beatles music will reach the online music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Prime and Apple Music. Personally I don’t consider myself old enough to say that all of today’s music is worthless buy old enough to recognize how great was the music revolution with the Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd. Therefore, hearing that this sort of music is getting more accessible is a joy to my ears.


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